Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 80 Christmas is Coming

Well it's your friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka, I will tell you I thought I was busy planning a lot of things before... How wrong was I. This week was a lot different. It was weird not having P-day Monday. I didn't like not having one very much. 

So this week we have been planning like crazy for this up coming week. This up coming week we are having the Christmas multi-zone. It is the biggest multi- zone of the year. We have had to plan games make agendas and go and buy everything!!! I really didn't understand how much planning went into zone meeting before. I spent all day Monday behind a computer making list and making plans for this thing!!!! It was a lot of fun!!! 

With this new calling I have a lot of responsibility. Like for an example we are in charge off teaching the new missionaries and the old missionaries on training. This week we had a lot of that. It was fun teaching the new Elders and Sisters to teach and have success while teaching.  It's weird to think that I was at one time in the shoes of the new people!!! Really it feels like yesterday the time is passing very very very fast. It's crazy!!! 

Also, something that is just awesome is that my sons are having success!!! Elder Jovel my fist son (first guy I trained) had 5 baptisms and baptized the most in his zone by a long ways! Elder Redd as well is going to baptize a family this next week and they are looking pretty sharp. Elder Castillo is fighting to have baptism as well. He is a great leader and all the people love him very much. It awesome to see the people you train do well it gives you a little feeling of joy!

Driving this week was fun. It's super fun and really it's pretty safe. Yes, The car we drive is the biggest on the road but for America it's tiny. It's different to be able to go to a lot of random places in the mission to do things for president. When it comes working in the area we are not the best because we just don't have time. However the fun part is when there is someone that is hard or has a lot of big questions we get called in to help the investigator!! It’s fun because I’m really able to feel the spirit in these moments.

This next week we are going to have baptism!!!!!!!! His name is Omar. He is just a little guy who is waiting to be baptized. He's super funny as well, he wants his Mom to become a member as well, so what he does when she asks him to buy her Coffee he buys her hot chocolate, haha. He's a good kid. 

My new house is awesome. Yes it’s the same house that had the garden, haha, but now I’m sleeping in a different room than I did the first night I came to the mission!!

Getting ready for x-mas!!! This week has been mostly crazy because we have been running around just about everywhere getting ready for a Christmas mission multi-zone. It has been crazy but a lot fun. We have planned some fun games that I can't reveal right at this moment but I can say they are going to be a blast!!!  

Anyways I love you all have A fun Christmas!!!!!

LOVE, Elder Hironaka

Pls. I would love more protein!!!!!!

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