Sunday, December 13, 2015

What a Week! A move to the office

Let's just say that during the last change meeting there were a lot of changes. Long story short I’m now an assistant to the President, my new day to write home will be Sunday, so tell everyone (Mom) to start writing me early. Please.
This week has been a roller coaster. My first day I helped my companion, who is non other than the other dude from AZ,  a past companion who is now a great friend and who is awesome, Elder Kliener, teach the new trainer class. After that we raced all over the new area in our silver Elder mobile (Toyota Hilux truck). Yes, I have now driven in a 3rd world country and it’s like an awesome race car game. No, rules what so ever. I was kind of rusty at first but I got the hang of it!!
As the food goes... I'm eating like an American now. Yes, I haven't had rice and beans since Wednesday. My stomach doesn't feel to great however because getting back to eating like an American is kind of hard to tell you the truth.
Something else that I found out about this calling is that when it's dark outside it doesn't mean your day is almost over. For us it just means the sun is down. It does not apply whatsoever to going to sleep any time soon. My first day I went to bed at 1 in the morning and got up at 3 in the morning... I don't know how long I can go before I have body system failure, but I feel I might feel this way during the next up coming weeks. And if I come home with some white hairs just know that I learned a lot.
Being the AP means a lot of running around. We almost always have some big thing we are planning or are running around getting stuff for the mission. This week we organized a group of missionaries to sing for all the stake presidents in the mission and President Russell. We also had to take a Stake President home to a city called Granada.  By the way it was my first time to Granada and it was awesome. It was so beautiful, it's modeled to be like Spain so it's very different.
So, a part from a crazy week, I want to talk a little a bout leaving C. Sandino (last area). Like how I was when I left Las Palmas and Bello Amanecer I was super super sad. I'm very honored to have had the opportunity to serve there and to help the children of our loving Father In Heaven come unto Him. I will look forward to visiting when I can. 
Seeing the mission from this point of view is very different. Before when I was the zone leader I only really cared about my zone. Now I see the mission as a whole and look for all people who I help. 
So, I want end by saying I love you guys very much and that I'm really thankful to have a great family and the opportunity to serve a mission. I love you! Please email me before Sunday. 
Elder Kliener trained Eric as a zone leader and we met him via Skype last Mothers Day. No, the kids did not know each other prior to the mission and they were only together for one change but Eric spoke very highly of him. 

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