Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week 86

This week was a pretty relaxing week... Well maybe not relaxing, but I'm getting into the swing of things. This week started off by having a multi-mission conference with the north mission, which was a joy.  We as well had a training meeting, and visited a lot of zones in the mission to help them out with baptisms. 

So, the 70 that came to visit us was Elder Christensen. He spoke to us on baptizing people that have been converted to the gospel. We are to help people understand better, that the baptism is the start of the journey and not the end. I really enjoyed his talk and learned some very good points. After he left we to a place call Asados. 

The next day we had training for the new missionaries and their trainers. It went good and I felt we taught them a lot. After the meeting was over we had to run all the way out to Juigalpa!!!! Juigalpa is on the other side of Lake Managua. It was a 3-hour drive out there and to get back we had to pass by other areas in the mission. In total the trip was 8 hours!! It was crazy and I think that the drive may have been the longest drive I have driven... 

Speaking of driving my companion has started his driver’s course and is going to be behind the wheel starting Tuesday!! Don't worry, I won't be in the car when he is practicing.  I'm excited to see how he does. The test here is a lot harder than the States and it has to be in stick!! Yep, no automatic.... I'm praying for him. 

This week has been a crazy week as far as baptisms go. We have a lot as a mission and to make sure everything goes smoothly, we have been visiting everyone. This past Thursday I went to Elder Anderson's zone to help him out. He is in a zone called Los Pueblos. My second area in my mission was in the Los Pueblos zone, and I was in San Miguel. Elder Velasquez and I had 7 converts there. I was only there for 1 change but I really did love it. When I went to visit this Thursday a bunch of members and all the converts were happy to see me. They all want we to come back and to see their families!!! Because most of them now have a year being members they are looking forward to going to the Temple. Most of them already have, and they loved it!  

This next week is going to be a big week as well. 

I love you guys very much and I hope everything is going well! Be safe in everything that you guys do. Please be safe!

I know and can testify that this is the church of Jesus Christ. It’s the church that He established that holds the knowledge to have eternal families and can wash us clean from our sins. I know Our loving Father In Heaven sent us His son to teach us, love us, help us, and die for us. I'm grateful for His sacrifice and know that even though I have had trials and that I will continue to have trials, I can be saved, if I have faith. (1 Peter 1:5-7).  I know that Joseph Smith was called of God and that he saw The Father and The Son. I know today our beloved prophet; Thomas S. Monson leads and guides the church. That he too is called of God and receives revelation for all of us.  I know and have had the pleasure of seeing the hand of Our Heavenly Father’s in the lives of those who I have taught. I know the Book of Mormon is the liahona of our lives and can guide us and can build us up in our time of need. I know these things are true, and say them in the name of the Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's My B-day

Hey it's the old friendly neighborhood Elder, Elder Hironaka! So this week has been a little bit stressful to say the least. Sleep just is not happening in this calling.

So, to be quick because I still have a lot to do today, changes were crazy as always! My partner in crime Elder Kliener is back the field as a zone leader in Juigalpa. This is the zone that has Bluefields in it. It was a fun short time we had together as APs. 
My new companion is Elder Alcerro! He is a little bit younger missionary in the field, but has been doing an awesome job. He is from Honduras. He is a great example to me because he takes advantage of every opportunity he has, for example he has learned English in his mission from his American companions and because he is now with me he is going to learn how to drive. I'm very excited to see what we do together and how much success we can have. 
This week as we were able to have 2 baptisms in our area! Jancie and Lola were baptized. They were so excited to be baptized because they have been preparing for a long time. We are hoping to have 2 more baptisms this next week.

Some other events that took place this past week were going to the airport to drop of the missionaries who were going home. This group was an amazing group of missionaries. It included Elder Collado who was the AP for a year and who motivated the mission. It was sad to see him leave. Elder Morales another great missionary went home as well. He was my companion for a change in Masaya when I went back there to be a Zone Leader. He was full of great teachings and the people looked to him for guidance. I know many will miss him.  Elder Agustin another great friend and companion I had in Las Palmas went home too.  I'll never forget the many great and fun experiences we all had together.

So this week is going to be awesome again because we have a 70 coming on Monday to speak with us. I'm a little nervous (but not too much), because I feel he might call on me to do something or practice in front of the two missions here in Nicaragua. Just pray that everything goes well! The day after we will give a training lesson to the greenies who have been here for 7 weeks. This training is fun and we’ll do most of the teaching in it. The next day we need to get ready for the zone leaders meeting. Yes, I have a lot to do in this next couple of days!!

I want to say, I love you all, and thank you for your happy Birthday messages, and I really enjoyed them. I really do have the best family anyone could have. I love you!!! Oh yea, the whole office cracked eggs on my head, haha! I love 

Breakfast McDonalds on my Bday

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nica EFY and Playa Gigante

This is from Eric’s last weeks letter (1/10/16), which he asked me not to send until this week because somehow he thinks the surprise would leak out. (He is so funny).  We have been getting everything ready for San Juan Deal Sur!!!!!!! Well actually were not going there, haha. We are heading out to a place named Playa Gigante!!! It's a really nice beach.  The reason we are going is because our mission reached our baptism 2015 goal! 
So, yes you can bet I'm super busy because we're going there next week! I do have to say the secretaries help out a ton. In the office we have 4 secretaries a part from the AP's. 

Nica EFY, and Playa Gigante

Wow, where do I even start...This week was the longest week of my life!!!! It was full of fun and unforgettable moments. I think the crazy rush in preparing for a big family event or party is really where all the fun memories begin. For this week we went to EFY for Nicaragua and had our mission goal reward, an outing to Playa Gigante!!!! 

EFY was really fun. Here in Nicaragua EFY is called SOY. Elder Kleiner and I were sent along with the ZL’s of that zone to meet and greet every young adult there. It felt different shaking a couple hundred kids’ hands. The best treasure for me however, was being able to see my converts at EFY. Yes, I had a girl from Bello named Helen who went and just loved it. I remember going to EFY and not being super happy the first couple of days because I had to miss football. I do recall, however loving it the last couple of days and not wanting to go home right away! Haha, it was a great experience. 

This week we also had a huge mission event. We had our mission P-day at Playa Gigante! Let me just say what a long day for me. We got up and headed out there at 4:30am to start setting up and to start cooking for the approximate 200 missionaries coming. We were running all around making sure everyone was ok and having a good time. I was in charge of the games. I organized 16 teams of 10 to 12 missionaries. The games I planned were soccer, ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball, and broom hockey. I was running around like a mad with a blow horn getting the missionaries pumped up and explaining some games!! It was a great day; I think the best part of the day was the very end when Sister Russell brought us homemade brownies!! They were so good it was amazing!!

This week I also went to help a zone out with baptisms. It was a blast!! We were able to help with 3 baptisms! At first the family wasn't sure about their planned baptism. We spoke with them and explained that through baptism they could be together forever. They all accepted and were baptized yesterday (Saturday). 

In my area we are teaching a lady named Lola. She is super nice and everyone loves her. We had planned on having her baptism two weeks ago. I finished some paper work for her boyfriend to see if they could get married. We were very surprised that she wasn't home when we went to pick her that week. Yesterday (after two weeks) we found her. Her son was put in jail and she was visiting him everyday. As she explained the situation crying we shared a message that comforted her. Her son has had a lot of problems in his life and has not been very grateful for Lola for supporting him throughout his life. I see that
Lola is a great mother and through anything she will be there. She loves her son so much. The experience has made me think about this last general conference when we learned that the closest one can get to the love of Our Heavenly Father’s is the love that a Mother has for her children. I know and can testify that is true! 

What is it like driving here?"
Well there is some fun driving rules here in Nicaragua. Rule #1 if you have your hazard lights on it’s like your invincible. You can park in the middle of the street, you can go over curbs, you can treat a red light like a stop sign, and a whole bunch of other stuff. #2 if you want everyone behind you to stop just put you hand out the window. We call it the “Nica Hand” and you have to respect it! #3 No, U turns. #4 cops will pull you over just because you’re white. They just want to get paid off!

Well that is it today folks! Crazy week, but One I won't forget! Your friendly neighborhood Elder is out!! Changes are this week!!! Love you guys be safe!!

Love you, 


Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 83

Hey guys it's your fellow friendly neighborhood Elder. This week was a good week, full of many great experiences. During the week we had the ZL meeting, Zone meeting, and we had a baptism.  

The Zl meeting was a little different for me this time. In the past I have made a presentation to my zone I was serving in. This time I led the meeting and was in charge of teaching the zone leaders. We taught about how to commit someone to go to church and how to follow up with the investigator's commitments. It went well and I felt good while teaching. 

The next day I went out to a zone named "Los Pueblos". I taught a class there as well. I thought about my mission while I was teaching them. I thought about all the great things that has happened so far. It was interesting because thinking back on my life I don't recall either of my parents talking about their first or last day of their missions. My parents only talked about the days during their mission. I know that 6/11/14-6/1/15( I'm not sure that's my return date)will be the time I have to be a full time  missionary. However, the first and last date doesn't mean much the "-" does. In the little "-"part between the two dates is where all the life changing and memories are made. So, I got to make the best of it!!!!!

This week we were able to have the baptism of Oscar. He is a boy of the age of 10, who is a son of less active parents. He is a bright kid to teach and threw away all of his coffee when we taught him it was bad. We should be having 4 more baptism this month if we work hard. You can bet I’ll be super busy next week! I do have to say the secretaries help out a ton. In the office we have 4 secretaries a part from the AP's. There is Elder Wagstaff, from Utah, Elder Junggers from California. And two elders from Washington Elder Weyand and Elder Lim. Fun group right!!  
Elder Hironaka 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Farewell to Grandpa Tucker and Nica's New Year

Hey!! It's your friendly neighborhood Elder! This week was a good week and was a little less stressful than others. This week we went out to Carazo, Masaya, and enjoyed New Years!!

So made my first trip out to Carazo like I was saying. Carazo is really cool and is very beautiful. The areas can be a little more difficult because they are huge and at times it is hard to get people to come to church. I really enjoyed one part of the zone because it was cold!! Yes, the weather is chilly there. It's a favorite work area for that reason as well, haha. The cool thing I liked seeing there was the pineapple fields. There were a ton of pineapples in Carazo and they were very sweet!!

We also paid a visit to Masaya this week to check on how everything is going there. Masaya really has great missionaries and members. Before we left, we were able to grab an awesome lunch on a lookout point over the lake. It's my favorite place to eat here. When we come back as a family it would be great to explore one day.
New Years was awesome!!! So here like in America everyone does fireworks. But here, the fireworks are more like bombs, but they are fun to see.  At our house we talked about fun New Year traditions our families do. It was a really a fun time. 

So there are 4 secretaries who live with us. Elder Wagstaff, Elder Jungers, Elder Weyand, and Elder Lim. This week I'm going to focus more on Elder Wagstaff.  He is awesome at his job being a secretary. He is from Utah and is very similar to Dallin, as he loves to skateboard, snowboard, and was on the track team. His personality is really funny and is someone you always like having around. 

A part from all that good stuff that was kind of my week, haha.

I would like to put some time a side this week to speak about my Grandpa Tucker. My Grandpa Tucker was such an extraordinary man.  He was a great role model and leader in my eyes. I'm extremely honored to be his one of his grandchildren. I always had a great feeling looking up to the stands from the football field knowing my Grandpa was there, cheering me on. I constantly enjoyed hearing his stories of him playing baseball, working at a young age, and when he was in the army. Some great memories I will never forget were spent with Grandpa. I remember in 6th grade when he was trying to teach me a fade-a-way in basketball, watching movies with him on the floor with his big pillows, and don't even get me started on his BBQ. There was always something to do with Grandpa. A fond memory I have is when Grandpa and Grandma had 3 colorful ducks. I remember having such a blast with them. 

As I have been able to serve Our Loving Heavenly Father I have come to develop a stronger testimony that families can be together forever. For this short period of time we have here on this earth we might not be able to enjoy always being with our family. However, the plan of Our Father In Heaven is to be one with another in the life to come and for eternity.  In this life Grandpa Tucker will live on through his children and grandchildren playing pool basketball, mixing our ice cream up real good with chocolate syrup, and when we all try to make the yard look as nice as he did. I look forward to the day when I can give him a big hug again. I know and I'm grateful that through our loving brother Jesus Christ we will be together forever. 

I sure loved my good old Grandpa!

Anyway, I love you Mom very much. I want you to know that Grandpa is happier than ever and that he is very very proud of you, as I am.

I love you all, be safe, talk to you guys later!!!

Love Elder Hironaka