Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's My B-day

Hey it's the old friendly neighborhood Elder, Elder Hironaka! So this week has been a little bit stressful to say the least. Sleep just is not happening in this calling.

So, to be quick because I still have a lot to do today, changes were crazy as always! My partner in crime Elder Kliener is back the field as a zone leader in Juigalpa. This is the zone that has Bluefields in it. It was a fun short time we had together as APs. 
My new companion is Elder Alcerro! He is a little bit younger missionary in the field, but has been doing an awesome job. He is from Honduras. He is a great example to me because he takes advantage of every opportunity he has, for example he has learned English in his mission from his American companions and because he is now with me he is going to learn how to drive. I'm very excited to see what we do together and how much success we can have. 
This week as we were able to have 2 baptisms in our area! Jancie and Lola were baptized. They were so excited to be baptized because they have been preparing for a long time. We are hoping to have 2 more baptisms this next week.

Some other events that took place this past week were going to the airport to drop of the missionaries who were going home. This group was an amazing group of missionaries. It included Elder Collado who was the AP for a year and who motivated the mission. It was sad to see him leave. Elder Morales another great missionary went home as well. He was my companion for a change in Masaya when I went back there to be a Zone Leader. He was full of great teachings and the people looked to him for guidance. I know many will miss him.  Elder Agustin another great friend and companion I had in Las Palmas went home too.  I'll never forget the many great and fun experiences we all had together.

So this week is going to be awesome again because we have a 70 coming on Monday to speak with us. I'm a little nervous (but not too much), because I feel he might call on me to do something or practice in front of the two missions here in Nicaragua. Just pray that everything goes well! The day after we will give a training lesson to the greenies who have been here for 7 weeks. This training is fun and we’ll do most of the teaching in it. The next day we need to get ready for the zone leaders meeting. Yes, I have a lot to do in this next couple of days!!

I want to say, I love you all, and thank you for your happy Birthday messages, and I really enjoyed them. I really do have the best family anyone could have. I love you!!! Oh yea, the whole office cracked eggs on my head, haha! I love 

Breakfast McDonalds on my Bday

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