Sunday, January 3, 2016

Farewell to Grandpa Tucker and Nica's New Year

Hey!! It's your friendly neighborhood Elder! This week was a good week and was a little less stressful than others. This week we went out to Carazo, Masaya, and enjoyed New Years!!

So made my first trip out to Carazo like I was saying. Carazo is really cool and is very beautiful. The areas can be a little more difficult because they are huge and at times it is hard to get people to come to church. I really enjoyed one part of the zone because it was cold!! Yes, the weather is chilly there. It's a favorite work area for that reason as well, haha. The cool thing I liked seeing there was the pineapple fields. There were a ton of pineapples in Carazo and they were very sweet!!

We also paid a visit to Masaya this week to check on how everything is going there. Masaya really has great missionaries and members. Before we left, we were able to grab an awesome lunch on a lookout point over the lake. It's my favorite place to eat here. When we come back as a family it would be great to explore one day.
New Years was awesome!!! So here like in America everyone does fireworks. But here, the fireworks are more like bombs, but they are fun to see.  At our house we talked about fun New Year traditions our families do. It was a really a fun time. 

So there are 4 secretaries who live with us. Elder Wagstaff, Elder Jungers, Elder Weyand, and Elder Lim. This week I'm going to focus more on Elder Wagstaff.  He is awesome at his job being a secretary. He is from Utah and is very similar to Dallin, as he loves to skateboard, snowboard, and was on the track team. His personality is really funny and is someone you always like having around. 

A part from all that good stuff that was kind of my week, haha.

I would like to put some time a side this week to speak about my Grandpa Tucker. My Grandpa Tucker was such an extraordinary man.  He was a great role model and leader in my eyes. I'm extremely honored to be his one of his grandchildren. I always had a great feeling looking up to the stands from the football field knowing my Grandpa was there, cheering me on. I constantly enjoyed hearing his stories of him playing baseball, working at a young age, and when he was in the army. Some great memories I will never forget were spent with Grandpa. I remember in 6th grade when he was trying to teach me a fade-a-way in basketball, watching movies with him on the floor with his big pillows, and don't even get me started on his BBQ. There was always something to do with Grandpa. A fond memory I have is when Grandpa and Grandma had 3 colorful ducks. I remember having such a blast with them. 

As I have been able to serve Our Loving Heavenly Father I have come to develop a stronger testimony that families can be together forever. For this short period of time we have here on this earth we might not be able to enjoy always being with our family. However, the plan of Our Father In Heaven is to be one with another in the life to come and for eternity.  In this life Grandpa Tucker will live on through his children and grandchildren playing pool basketball, mixing our ice cream up real good with chocolate syrup, and when we all try to make the yard look as nice as he did. I look forward to the day when I can give him a big hug again. I know and I'm grateful that through our loving brother Jesus Christ we will be together forever. 

I sure loved my good old Grandpa!

Anyway, I love you Mom very much. I want you to know that Grandpa is happier than ever and that he is very very proud of you, as I am.

I love you all, be safe, talk to you guys later!!!

Love Elder Hironaka

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