Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nica EFY and Playa Gigante

This is from Eric’s last weeks letter (1/10/16), which he asked me not to send until this week because somehow he thinks the surprise would leak out. (He is so funny).  We have been getting everything ready for San Juan Deal Sur!!!!!!! Well actually were not going there, haha. We are heading out to a place named Playa Gigante!!! It's a really nice beach.  The reason we are going is because our mission reached our baptism 2015 goal! 
So, yes you can bet I'm super busy because we're going there next week! I do have to say the secretaries help out a ton. In the office we have 4 secretaries a part from the AP's. 

Nica EFY, and Playa Gigante

Wow, where do I even start...This week was the longest week of my life!!!! It was full of fun and unforgettable moments. I think the crazy rush in preparing for a big family event or party is really where all the fun memories begin. For this week we went to EFY for Nicaragua and had our mission goal reward, an outing to Playa Gigante!!!! 

EFY was really fun. Here in Nicaragua EFY is called SOY. Elder Kleiner and I were sent along with the ZL’s of that zone to meet and greet every young adult there. It felt different shaking a couple hundred kids’ hands. The best treasure for me however, was being able to see my converts at EFY. Yes, I had a girl from Bello named Helen who went and just loved it. I remember going to EFY and not being super happy the first couple of days because I had to miss football. I do recall, however loving it the last couple of days and not wanting to go home right away! Haha, it was a great experience. 

This week we also had a huge mission event. We had our mission P-day at Playa Gigante! Let me just say what a long day for me. We got up and headed out there at 4:30am to start setting up and to start cooking for the approximate 200 missionaries coming. We were running all around making sure everyone was ok and having a good time. I was in charge of the games. I organized 16 teams of 10 to 12 missionaries. The games I planned were soccer, ultimate frisbee, beach volleyball, and broom hockey. I was running around like a mad with a blow horn getting the missionaries pumped up and explaining some games!! It was a great day; I think the best part of the day was the very end when Sister Russell brought us homemade brownies!! They were so good it was amazing!!

This week I also went to help a zone out with baptisms. It was a blast!! We were able to help with 3 baptisms! At first the family wasn't sure about their planned baptism. We spoke with them and explained that through baptism they could be together forever. They all accepted and were baptized yesterday (Saturday). 

In my area we are teaching a lady named Lola. She is super nice and everyone loves her. We had planned on having her baptism two weeks ago. I finished some paper work for her boyfriend to see if they could get married. We were very surprised that she wasn't home when we went to pick her that week. Yesterday (after two weeks) we found her. Her son was put in jail and she was visiting him everyday. As she explained the situation crying we shared a message that comforted her. Her son has had a lot of problems in his life and has not been very grateful for Lola for supporting him throughout his life. I see that
Lola is a great mother and through anything she will be there. She loves her son so much. The experience has made me think about this last general conference when we learned that the closest one can get to the love of Our Heavenly Father’s is the love that a Mother has for her children. I know and can testify that is true! 

What is it like driving here?"
Well there is some fun driving rules here in Nicaragua. Rule #1 if you have your hazard lights on it’s like your invincible. You can park in the middle of the street, you can go over curbs, you can treat a red light like a stop sign, and a whole bunch of other stuff. #2 if you want everyone behind you to stop just put you hand out the window. We call it the “Nica Hand” and you have to respect it! #3 No, U turns. #4 cops will pull you over just because you’re white. They just want to get paid off!

Well that is it today folks! Crazy week, but One I won't forget! Your friendly neighborhood Elder is out!! Changes are this week!!! Love you guys be safe!!

Love you, 


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