Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week 87

Well it’s your friendly Neighborhood Elder Hironaka!!! I just want to say I love you all and I’m happy you are all doing really great!!!

Monday: So today we started off the day with our usual office meeting. During these meetings we prepare for the things that will happen during that week. They are usually short and are more geared  towards the secretaries than us. After that we were told that we would have to present a presentation for the Zone Leaders the next day. So,  most of the day was spent planning and making a presentation. Unfortunately my companion has been having a very hard time seeing recently. So, we went to the eye doctor and it turns out that he needed glasses!   Haha, si, yep he has glasses now!  

Tuesday was a rather big day because we had the ZL meeting with all the ZLs. It is quite different coming to this meeting as an AP because you are thinking about each and every zone and how they can function better. It is also a great opportunity for us to see the progress of each area and zone as they are trying new ideas or are making higher goals. The meeting is great because we have the chance to see old ZL companions and see how they are doing. I enjoyed speaking with each of them. They’re a great group of guys. 

So Wednesday was interview meetings with President Russell. The zone that was getting interviewed was Elder Bennett’s Zone. Elder Bennett is now a ZL in Managua and is in one of my all time favorite areas, Las Palmas!!!! He is doing a great job and the bishop loves having him. I don't know who wouldn't be happy to have him in their ward he is a great missionary. 

Thursday wasn't anything too special. We went to a huge zone call Universitaria. This zone is the biggest zone we have in the mission right now and is located in the capital! The missionaries are really doing great there and this next week will have stake conference. Stake conference is a little bit hard for a missionary here because we cannot baptize those weeks and depending on where your area is, It might be hard getting people to church. 

Friday: So in the morning my companion had his driver lessons!!! Don't worry when he is driving we go to a huge open lot where nothing can happen! I have to say driving stick looks hard. The other part that doesn't help us is that his teacher is also a pastor in a evangelical church, haha. He just thinks we are weird. I also had the chance to work in our area on Friday!!! I worked with a different Elder named Elder Penalba. He is a great guy. He reminds me of Ted Bell a little. The people love him and feel his sprit really strong. Together we found a guy named Francisco!! He is older man but wants to be baptized again because his other church did not baptize him in the way the Bible indicates. I'm excited to see how he progresses.

Saturday was spent in our area the whole day. I loved it. It was such a great day contacting finding new people and inviting others to go to church. It was awesome. 

So my companion is a great missionary. Elder Alcerro loves McDonald's and it's like the most amazing thing for him. He has received many great blessing during his mission and I know it's because he has worked very hard. He will be returning home knowing how to drive and speaking perfect English. He also currently has one year in the mission. So he is still a young missionary. We teach very different and have a couple of different Ideas but we work very good together and are starting to have a lot of success. 

Well, that's all folks!

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