Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week 89

Well like always it's your friendly neighborhood Elder, Elder Hironaka. This week was a long week but I really enjoyed it and loved it!!!

Monday: Today day for Granada!!! The Granada zone had a good last month and won the BBQ. Yes, I believe my buddy Elder Elison has rather enjoyed him self-going to the last 4 BBQ. Most Elders and Sisters will only go to one, but if they are lucky maybe two times in their mission. So anyway, it was fun talking to other missionaries and to see how much success they are having and how well they are doing. At the BBQ we played some games like Ping pong and table soccer. I personally like table soccer, I'm not to hot at Ping-Pong. 

Tuesday: It was a longish day as well because we had to go out to a zone called Jinotepe. Jinotepe is the biggest Zone in the mission right now. A part of their zone is an hour away in a different city named Rives. It was fun doing house checks and seeing the living conditions of the missionaries. Our mission is really blessed to have great houses that we can live in and feel the spirit.

Wednesday: So we were back with the Granada Zone for their interviews. I have talked about Granada a little bit before and that it is based off of Spain.  I really like visiting it and wish I'd had the chance to have served there. There the members are really great like all of Nicaragua. There I had the chance to speak with the district President and his story about how he became a member is out standing.

Thursday: Thursday was the last day we had interviews. This is Elder Kliener's Zone. It was awesome seeing him again and being able to see how he is doing. He looks great and he is working hard. His zone is the most spread out zone in the mission. His zone includes Bluefields. He has not gone there yet but his companion Elder Merrill has and loved it. Elder Merrill is a cool guy who is going to play basketball for Utah State. He came into the mission 6'4 and is still growing. All I want is 2in!!! But it's what the Lord wants. Right?

Friday: So we have another 70 coming to the mission this next week so like always we are on like clean and make everything perfect mode here. We spent the majority of the day planning for his visit that will take place next week. We have been super blessed to have been visited by so many great men who have been called of God. Friday we also went and helped out a family who doesn't want to be baptized. They are great people but have been putting off marriage for a long time. We discussed the blessings their family will receive through this big step, being married.  They have a 7 month little girl who has a heart problem. This little girl is the reason her parents are going to be married and baptized.

Saturday: so yesterday was a day of baptisms. We had a lot of baptisms as a zone this last week. In my area baptized a woman named Joconda got baptized. We are still looking to baptize 8 more people, but we need to do a lot of work this next week to help make this happen. 

All in all it has been a fun week!!! I love you all. Please be safe in everything you do. I love you!!

Elder Hironaka

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