Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week 91

Hey everyone! It's your friendly neighborhood Elder, Elder Hironaka. I have been excited to write this week. This week has been full of blessings and happiness. The weeks are just flying by now:( 

For starters this week we had a conference in all of Central America. When we have a conference it means unfortunately we can't baptize. For that reason my companion and I worked a ton in are personal area to prepare for the end of this month to baptize a lot. I love working in my area it's the best. When we work, we work with another companionship. The other companionship we work with is Elder Barrios and Elder Penalba. Cool story: Elder Penalba’s family is from here. When his father was 19 he moved to the USA and met his wife and married here and had 2 sons in America. Elder Penalba never visited Nicaragua, so when he was called here he was very excited. His family that lives here are not members. We went and found his family and have made a baptism date with them and they have attended church. It is my hope that Elder Penalba will one day get to baptize them. Wouldn't that be a cool blessing?

Big news!  My comp. passed his drivers test! Yeah, so now that he passed I kind of have to keep teaching him, haha. Yes, it’s funny and is way different teaching someone how to drive in a 3rd world country! Don’t worry; he is good, so, I won’t be getting into any crashes anytime soon;)

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