Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week 92

Hey fam!!!!!  Well let me tell ya, I haven’t slept less in my life than this week!  Everyday this week we had something going on in the morning.  And not like at 8 in the morning like 4 in the morning!! It is getting easier not sleeping however. This week was the week of changes.

So, first off, I didn't have changes!!!  This change there wasn't a ton of changes in the mission. We did receive a lot more sisters to the mission. We received 8 this last change and all were from the states. It's fun to see how American Elders and Sisters act right when they get here. Almost all of them say, " Wow, I thought it was going to be a lot worse here." I remember when I came and I thought I was going to be sleeping on the ground, cooking on a fire everyday, and have to boil my water. I feel like this 3rd world county is a little bit better than what people think. Anyway, it was fun receiving new missionaries. They all are going to do great!

Something fun my companion and I do when new missionaries arrive, is to train them how to contact and how to make baptism dates. It's funny to hear what they say when they listen to our “normal” for the day and that we make baptism dates during every first lesson.

This week we have also been preparing for the multi zone that is coming up this next week. Holy cow, there is a lot of planning when it comes to the multi-zone. We have to plan everything. It's crazy. 

This week we were also blessed to have another baptism! His name is Cesar and he has a strong testimony of the church. Our goal for this month is to have 7 baptisms, so we are working hard to help our investigators. I can't wait to see the blessings of these next couple of weeks. 

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