Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week 93

Hey fam bam! As always it’s your friendly neighborhood Elder, Elder Hironaka!!

I would like to start out by writing to express my love and gratitude to family and friends who have wrote me during this great journey. I have rather enjoyed receiving emails and being able to hear the great things that are happening to each and everyone of you. 

The past week was a good week, not anything super big or special but was nice and a bit more relaxed. This week we had one multi- zone. When I was a Zone leader I had to teach 4, 45min classes. Now as an assistant I really just have to supervise and make sure everything is going smooth. I'm also in charge of the game we play at the very end. For this multi-zone we made a fun Family Feud game.  The zones loved it and it was a success.

We were given the opportunity to work a little more in our area this past week. We are teaching a man that is super funny named Burto. Burto was a big time boxer in his day for Nicaragua. Now at the age of 87 he is still is always jumping around wanting to fight, haha. He is planning to be baptized this next week!!!! Also, did you guys know that Nicaragua has like a world champion boxer right now?!

This week started Semana Santa!!! In Nicaragua, it is a week off from everything; I mean no school, no work, and nothing is open at all. Even the police have the week off. So, you can just think how many bad things can happen during this time. I remember last year I was in Las Palmas and no one wanted to talk to us... Also it is super super hot here during this week as well. I mean it's like AZ heat, crazy right?
Well, I love you family a lot and hope all is well. Be safe and finish up school strong!!!! Love you!!!
Love you 
Elder Hironaka

Side note from Mom: Semana Santa, is a traditional Holy Week celebration. It has been around for more than 470 years. The week commemorates Jesus Christ's death resurrection.

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