Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week 95

Well family!!!!!!! Is your friendly Neighborhood Elder Hironaka. I’m excited to have the chance to write my wonderful family. I would like to say I'm very very sorry for not being able to write this last week. I have been very busy as of lately and the load isn't getting any smaller, which means really I'm just much happier and grateful for the opportunity to be here in the mission. 
This last week was a great week because we were able to have a baptism. It was with an old time boxer named José, or whom the neighbors call Gato. Yes, he goes by "Cat" in Spanish. He is a cool guy and at the age of 87 I still think he could beat me up.
Last week was mainly filled with multi-zone meetings. I rather enjoyed watching the missionaries practice and better their teaching. I was also pleased to see that the the way we teach has gotten so much better  since I first entered the mission. In the multi-zone the APs don't really have a practice or a training we need to give, that part is done by the ZLs. We however have the fun part of the day by leading the zones in a game. This time I made a cool family feud game that was based around the church! It was pretty fun and I think the Elders and Sisters really enjoyed it.

This week was pretty cool as well as last week. It was the ZL council. I have been to many ZL councils as a ZL but as an AP only 4 times. In this meeting we talk how we can help the mission more. I like the meeting because the spirit works through us in a different way. The ideas that come to us in that council are, as I believe directly from God so that we can better our selves and the mission.  

This week as well me and my other companion who I work with had a good spiritual moment. We were contacting in a little more dangerous part of our area when we passed by a house. Elder Penalba looked at me and said can we please go back and talk to her. I thought it was a little strange at first because usually older women don't seem to like to listen to us and usually tell us that they are Catholic or that they are too sick to listen. As we first introduced our selves as missionaries we found out that her name was Katherine. Inspired I told Katherine we were there because we felt to come and knock on her door and that, “we know Our Father In Heaven loves you and that many special blessings are prepared for you. Katherine if you were able to receive any special blessing from him, what would you desire to receive?” As I asked the question she replied, “I want my two little children.”  We later found out that her two little children are not with her and that she has been living with the empty felling for a long time. We taught that Our Father In Heaven has given his Son and that through that sacrifice we can be together forever as a family. We promised her if she followed the path of our loving brother Jesus Christ she would be reunited with her children.  Today she was able to come to church with us and is progressing to be baptized. 
I know and bear testimony that the plan of our loving Father In Heaven and Jesus Christ is that we can be together foreverWe will be given obstacles, challenges, and at times hardships.  We need to remember that like the scriptures teach us any obstacle that is given to us is for us to show our faith, and that in the last day we will be honored for our faith. (1 Peter 1:5-7)  As I have been given the great opportunity to represent the Son of our loving Father In Heaven and my family here in Nicaragua, I have come to learn that the scripture in 1 Corinthians 10:13 is true. Every problem or every hard thing we pass in this life can be overcome. Our Father In Heaven loves us and doesn't give us challenges that we can’t over come. He'll help us and will provide the way for us to be on His path.  In this life we at times forget the importance of struggling.  When our loving brother Jesus Christ was sent here He was an example in everything. He was perfect and He himself had obstacles, challenges, and had to feel the worst any of us could ever feel. I know if it was hard for Jesus Christ and I believe that life will be hard for us too. I testify that what President Uchtdorf said today is true. Like a beautiful building was constructed over the span of 20 years that has fallen in the matters of hours and then later was put back together we too can rise again and that we can and will conquer obstacles. I know these things are true in the name of Jesus Christ.

I love you all please. I pray for you each day.

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