Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week 96

Hey it's your friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka from Nicaragua!!!! I'm excited and grateful to the opportunity I have to have wonderful supporting family. This week was full once again of more trainings. We had 3 straight days teaching the sisters in the mission how to be bolder when they are committing. It was a pretty good week. 

So like I was saying we spent most of the week traveling around the mission visiting the sisters. In the mission we have a ton of sisters in fact when I first arrived in the mission 60% of the mission was sisters. Now it's more like 40% but it is s rising back up. The sisters work really hard and have a lot of love for their investigators. However it for that same reason it's hard sometimes for them to drop an investigator after they’re not progressing. To have the training we went to other locations in Nicaragua. We visited Granada, Masaya, and San Juan. All the 3 of these places are awesome.

A part from all the training this week I also went to Jinotepe to visit people who will be getting baptized the 16th. There they have around 30 people they are looking to baptize in one day. That's crazy for one zone. Right? I'm proud of them!!! One investigator I interviewed was a big time surfer, and his first interaction with the church was in Hawaii at the Polynesian cultural center. He thought it was interesting but felt he was too poor to join the church there so he didn't. Later when he was surfing at none other than Ventura beach (yes, same beach we always go to) he talked to the missionaries!! Now living in Nicaragua he is preparing to be baptized this next week!! The world is small sometimes.

Another miracle we had this week was two baptisms. Their names are Julie and Emburto. Julie's mom was baptized a long time ago and we have been reactivating her. She gave the prayer for her daughter’s baptism. So, that was something cool!

Just wanted to say I miss you guys and that I love you guys very much!! Be safe! I love you!

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