Monday, May 30, 2016

Missionary Testimony

It's hard to write and really express my feelings of this great adventure I have been on. I would like to share with you my testimony. 

Before my mission I felt and thought I had a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout my life I was fortunate to be blessed with great teachers and mentors who taught me good principles and lessons. In a way I was able to create my testimony before my mission based on listening to others. The great miracle of my mission is that I have obtained my own testimony.   

I know with all my heart that the Book of Mormon is the word of God as well as the Bible. I know its message has been written for each and everyone of us and can answer all of our questions. I'm a witness that as the book says, the way will always be prepared for us to accomplish the will of our loving Father In Heaven. He will always prepare a way for us to choose the right and keep the commandments. I know that we lived with Our Father In Heaven before this earth and that we choose to come here to be tested. I know at times obstacles and trails in life can feel unbearable, but we need to remember the message in the scriptures. From 1 Cor. 10:13 we read that all that the trials we confront, we can conquer. We will be able to overcome all things. I'm eternally grateful to Our Father In Heaven who sent Jesus Christ who atoned for each and every one of us. I have learned no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes. At times when we think no one knows how we feel. We need to remember that our loving brother Jesus Christ does and that he suffered all of our pains and afflictions. I know that He loves us and that He knows better than we do in all things. I know He lives. I know Joseph Smith Saw The Father and The Son. That he restored the church of Jesus Christ. I know that because of his hard life that he lived made it easy for me to be apart of this church today. I’m grateful for the faith he had to ask Our Father which church was true. I know like Joseph Smith that our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson is called of God and that he receives revelation for each of us. I know in this life that with the help of Our Father In Heaven and if we have faith we can do all things. There will always be those who say you can’t or that your goal is impossible. I have found that those who doubt you usually are those who know you can and are scared you will complete your goals. With hard work and faith you can do anything. I know and I testify, because I have seen the hand of God touch peoples hearts that these things are true and that He loves us. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Your friendly Neighborhood Elder, Elder Hironaka 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Best Week Ever

Hola familia it’s your friendly neighborhood Elder! 

To say this week was a rush would be saying the least. I was all over the mission visiting every person who got baptized this week and who will be soon. I quite enjoyed myself and I'm very pleased to see how hard the Elders and Sisters have worked.  I had to sleep over at ZL's house because we worked so long into the night. This coming week will be busy too.

This week, a part from all the visits I made, had my last ZL council. It was sad to realize that it has finally come my groups turn to take the valiant photo with President and Sister Russell. In my group there are 5 Zone Leaders, a branch President, 3 District Leaders, and one AP leaving.  The next group, which is, Elder Kliener's and Elder Anderson's group will have 8 zone leaders, and a  previous AP are leaving. It's sad to see that everyone after two years are now going home.

To end this short email I would like to end with a testimony. In these last two years I have come to know we will all make mistakes. I know that there isn't a single person a part from our loving brother Jesus Christ who is perfect. I know at times we may feel alone or at times we may think no one can comprehend our situation. It is at these times I know that my Father In Heaven loves me. He sent his Son and His Son understands me and knows how each and every one of us feels because he suffered our pain for us. I know and can testify that His Church was restored to this earth through the help of Joseph Smith. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet. I have seen Thomas S. Monson I know with all my heart he too was called of God. I know the Book of Mormon as the Bible is the word of God. I know that its teachings can help us all grow and be successful. I'm eternally grateful for His sacrifice for me and know that through His plan my family can be together forever. I know these things to be true, and say them in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Love you guys,
Elder Hironaka

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 101 Interviews/House Checks

Well hey family!!!! It's Elder Hironaka you friendly neighborhood Elder.
I'm doing great! I'm happy and working hard for my last couple of weeks in my mission! Looking at it, I will only be able write 2 more times. It's crazy how time has just flown by. 

In this crazy fast week we had interviews!! Every 3 months President Russell needs to interview every Elder and Sister. It is also when I go out with Sister Russell to see if the missionaries’ houses are kept up nice and clean. Sister Russell has been awesome in making the missionaries clean and change houses. Our missionaries really live in nice safe houses.

It's been really kind of cool seeing all the missionaries before I leave.  In the interviews we talk to all the missionaries to see how their area is and how they are doing. Many ask if I'm leaving this change or the next. My reply is simple, "I still have a lot to do!"  I don't want everyone knowing I'm leaving.

Shout out to Tyler for the MVP award and the Presidential fitness award!! There you go BRO!!


Elder Hironaka

Monday, May 9, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

Eric only sent this picture this week with no letter. I learned later from our Mother's Day SKYPE call that the picture is of all the people who were baptized this past Saturday in their ward. He said it was a huge blessing and represented hard work by many. He was grateful to be a part of it all. 

We had a great visit and I loved hearing about everything. He said his camera was stolen so that is why he only has blurry pictures (he used the office cell phone to take the picture). He said much inspiration is put forth when making any changes, calling trainers and assigning newbies by the mission President. The President clears his schedule and fasts, sometimes for days, prays and interviews. When the answer comes the assistants put it into action.  Eric says it's really neat to see it all play out, as many times new situations just click and sometimes what initially doesn't make sense later one can see why things happened the way they did.  Eric is grateful to have learned much and to be serving the Lord. He has loved his whole mission experience and I think he is a little overwhelmed with the fact that this time in his life is coming near the end. This week was his 100th week in the mission!  He says when he comes home he needs to sleep.
Thank you for all of your prayers and support! 

Love, Susan

Sunday, May 1, 2016

With God nothing is impossible

Hey family!!!! What's up it's your friendly neighborhood Elder Hironaka! I'm excited to have the chance to talk to all of you this week. This week was full of trainings and finding a lot of new people. 
So to kick off this week we had the DL training meeting.I remember when I received the same training and I remember learning a lot. President Russell taught.  I enjoyed listening to him as he gave great examples of leaders in the scriptures. He spoke about many prophets and kings in the Book of Mormon,. The leader he spoke about the most that caught my attention was Nephi. He explained that Nephi was a great follower as he was a leader. His father was a prophet of the Lord and he listened and did the things his father taught. Nephi as well showed that he was steadfast and unmovable. Like us today he could have easily followed what everyone else was doing or not have said anything when he knew the things that others where  doing were wrong. Nephi, stood for following the things of the Lord. I know today from personal experience that it is hard to be the person to say no or not follow the rest of the group to be cool. However, I do know that when we choose the right we will be filled with the sprit.
The next morning we gave the 7-week training meeting. It's amazing to see how some Elders and Sisters can learn Spanish and how to teach in 7 weeks. The group we taught was a smaller group full of American Sisters. They did awesome and I can see they are going to have a lot of success in the future.  I was very impressed in the one practice I saw of them. They were putting baptisms date and the investigator responded that they were already baptized. It was very impressive to see a new Sister explained  Acts 19:1-6.  She showed that we need to be baptized in the sprit not only by water and that to do so we need to be baptized again. I was really impressed to hear that from a new sister from the US. It was very good. My mission president always shares an example I rather like that I think I have never shared with you guys. I have heard this example before in the mission but didn't know it was true. It's about a bubble bee. A bubble bee breaks the laws of science. The bubble bee shouldn't be able to fly at all. The body is way to fat for their legs. It’s body is unlike other bees or hornets as it is not aero dynamic at all. It has small legs, eyes, head, and wings. By all laws of science it shouldn't be able to fly. But, as we all know the bubble bee does fly. The message of the story that our President wants us to understand is that in life and in all things there will be people that say you can't or that it's impossible for you to do something. But like the Bubble bee, who cares what other people say. You can do anything and with the help from the Lord all things can be done.
The third day was the ZL counsel meeting. In this meeting we discuss how our zones are doing what they achieved in the prior month and what our goals are for the next month. I'll be the first to say we are really setting a high goal for the month of  May. 
This week was awesome as well as we were able to have the chance to meet two more investigators. Their names are Dani and Elisa. They are very kind and have heard a lot about the church.  I hope they progress and enter into the kingdom of God. The two families we are teaching are doing great as well. I'm super excited for both of their baptisms and marriages which are this week.
Well I would like to end by saying I know this work is the work of God. I know that as sons and daughters He hears and listens to our prayers. I know that like the brother of Jared that we need to do our best and our part and after have faith that our Father In Heaven will do the rest. I know and can testify that every time we feel something is impossible if we pray Our Father In Heaven will help us.